A room for a business meeting in Cluster Offices

A room for a business meeting in Cluster Offices

As one of their services, Cluster Offices offers conference rooms for clients from outside their group of serviced and coworking office tenants.

Business does not only live online. Sometimes a face-to-face meeting is a necessity. It’s crucial, especially when starting new cooperation, recruitment, training, or financial negotiations. When you cannot use your infrastructure, you can organize such a meeting outside the company's premises, also in another city.

The vast majority of business rooms in Krakow are large conference spaces in hotel facilities. Hiring them for a small group of people, e.g., for a 1: 1 recruitment meeting, a board meeting of several people, or a brainstorming session for 10 people, simply does not pay off. If you need an intimate yet professional space, choose Cluster Offices. We will surprise you with comprehensive solutions for business and training meetings.

Business rooms in the center of Krakow

There are conference rooms for rent in two great locations at your disposal. You can reach both Cluster Offices locations in Krakow by your car, taxi, and public transport. You can choose the heart of Stare Podgórze, from which you are only a step away from the bustling Kazimierz (Cluster Stare Podgórze), or the surrounding areas of Krakowski Park (Cluster Plac Inwalidów), from where you can reach the Market Square on foot in just 15 minutes. Easy access is excellent facilitation for a business meeting or conference participants. Well-connected locations make it possible to start work on time and in a calm atmosphere.

Conference rooms and equipment

The rooms we offer are intimate, beautifully decorated, equipped with the necessary equipment, and adequately soundproofed. They are perfect for all meetings with up to 20 people. We have fitted one of the meeting rooms with a standing desk, helpful during hybrid events. We offer a space ideally suited to the nature of the meeting, the planned budget, and the number of invited guests.

The decor and atmosphere

All Cluster Offices spaces are decorated by our experienced designers with taste and knowledge of future work trends. In the newly created smaller meeting rooms and a conference room, designer office furniture fits beautifully into the atmospheric Krakow cellar, with a vault typical of historic spaces.

Technical background

Projectors, screens, speakers, easy and aesthetic access to power strips, chromecast cords, hands-free kits, and webcams - by renting business rooms at Cluster Offices, you have everything in place, included in the rental price, settled based on one convenient invoice. You do not have to deal with rental, transport, or equipment logistics, which is a great help.

Lunch and coffee break

At Cluster Offices, we only care about allowing people to work in excellent conditions.. So we know that good food and coffee are essential. There are always hot drinks available: high-quality tea and coffee in your favorite way, and various types of milk - from plant milk to lactose-free milk, which will surely please every "white coffee" lover.

Another reason to organize a business meeting in Cluster Offices? When it's time for lunch, you can drop by the Wine Garage restaurant & wine bar to check out the five-star quality that guests have given the culinary brand - both on Google and Tripadvisor. You can find the Wine Garage branch at Cluster Plac Inwalidów and Cluster Stare Podgórze. They are also great and convenient places for evening integration meetings. You don't even have to leave the building to visit the restaurant in both our locations.


Suppose you are coming from outside Krakow for a meeting. In such a case, you will want to stay in a facility with easy access to the meeting point that will also allow you to enjoy the charms of Krakow during an enjoyable evening out in the city. Plac Inwalidów Cluster na Józefitów Cluster share the space with the boutique Wine Apartments. The event logistics simplifies considerably, and your comfort increases when everything is in one place.


Book a room today


Do you need to meet with business partners? Are you planning the recruitment in Krakow? Are you looking for a place for training or a conference? Contact us! We will advise you which of the Cluster Offices space best suits your meeting. You will settle with us in a paid model for specific hours or, in the case of conference rooms - for one day.

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