Focus on Katowice! Cluster Stary Dworzec near completion

FOCUS ON KATOWICE! Cluster Stary Dworzec near completion

3 floors, 350 workstations, 37 offices, 6 conference rooms and a restaurant space. In total, over 2,000 sq m in the heart of the renovated part of the city. Soon, another Cluster Offices serviced office will be opened. However, before we invite you to visit the renovated building of the old railway station in Katowice, we want you to take a virtual walk around its interior.

A business-friendly city

We see the potential of developing Katowice, which is why the first Cluster Offices complex outside Krakow will be built in the capital of Silesia. There are already over 20 business centres in the city, employing over 27,000 specialists, and the projected increase in employment in the business services sector is close to 10%. What attracts investors to Katowice?

● Firstly, the location in the heart of a well-connected metropolis with over 2 million inhabitants. Road, rail, and air communication routes cross here, which is a communication lure.

● Secondly, educational facilities. Nearly 100,000 students study at universities in this area and they create a huge recruitment potential. Graduates, especially those of technical universities, including the highly rated Silesian University of Technology are of a highest potential.

● Thirdly, Katowice is the sixth largest office market in Poland and is constantly growing. In 2021, the supply of office space in Katowice exceeded 601,500 sq m.

A new, comfortable space for work and leisure in the heart of Katowice

Our new office is being built on the revitalized Dworcowa 8 Street, in a renovated and entered in the register of monuments railway station building. The oldest buildings date back to 1859. On three floors of the building, Cluster Stary Dworzec will have 37 offices and a coworking space (hot desks and dedicated desks), where over 350 people can work comfortably. We have also created comfortable meeting places in one of our 6 conference rooms. Those who want to relax for a while during work will be able to use common areas with sofas and telephone booths. There will also be stylish kitchens with dining rooms, equipped with household appliances and delicious coffee and tea on each floor:)

We pay a lot of attention to ergonomics and functionality, because we know that working in comfortable and aesthetic offices is more effective and pleasant. The interiors of the new Cluster have been designed in a modern way, yet with respect to the heritage of the place where it will be located. Hence, we kept the brick discovered during the renovation, references we made to the industrial character of the station's buildings, as well as details and accessories inspired by Silesia.

We are introducing the standard and best practices, for which we are appreciated by tenants in Krakow offices, to Cluster Stary Dworzec. We focus on comprehensiveness and individual approach to the client, which is why when renting an office, we guarantee a flexible lease agreement and space tailored to the current needs. Additionally, we provide:

● technological infrastructure at the highest level and failure-free, fast fibre-optic internet connection

● reception and courier service and access to office equipment

● 24/7 access

● top-quality HVAC air conditioning and ventilation solutions

● virtual office service

Two years of work in a slightly different reality proved that the office ceased to function as a place of work and became a space for most companies to integrate employees who work in a hybrid work model. With this change in mind, we create a meeting place. We know that the best ideas are born during meals together. That is why another Wine Garage is being created on the ground floor of the building, where people can have lunch, chat with colleagues, or admire the historic buildings of Katowice with a glass of wine on the terrace.

Attractive neighbourhood and easy access

The convenient location of Cluster Stary Dworzec also allows to enjoy the charms of Katowice's day and night life. There are hotels and restaurants in the tenement houses adjacent to the building, and within a 200-meter walking distance, you can reach Mariacka Street, which has grown into the social and cultural centre of the city.

The location of the old station is also favourable to those who travel a lot. Cluster Offices Stary Dworzec is only seven minutes' walk away from the train station. A4 motorway, located just 6 minutes’ drive from the Cluster provides convenient access from Kraków, Rzeszów and Lower Silesia. And if you want to fly, the airport in Pyrzowice, which offers nearly 30 air connections, is only 34 kilometres away! Check the location on the google map! (

Want to know the offer of serviced offices in Katowice? Contact us! Maciek Ruszniak, our Business Development Manager is waiting for your call: + 48 502 582 580.